SapVax’s Technology Uses a Proprietary Cancer Vaccine Platform Based on Breakthrough Peptide Chemistry

Our Novel Vaccine Platform

Self-adjuvanting vaccine: SapVax compounds simultaneously deliver antigen and an immunostimulatory signal, promoting uptake by dendritic cells and homing to the lymph nodes, to generate a superior anti-tumor immune response.

Novel series of adjuvants: 100-fold range of adjuvant potency against TLR2, tailorable to a specific antigen of interest

Flexibility: Single-step ‘plug-and-play’ linkage of any antigen to adjuvant

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Our Adjuvant

SapVax adjuvants are a novel series of homologues of the well-studied, native Pam2Cys, which is a known activator of TLR2, a key immune stimulation pathway. SapVax’s series of adjuvants are highly specific and potent TLR2 agonists. TLR2 agonists exploit a key aspect of the body’s natural, innate immune system to target antigen-presenting dendritic cells to safely and effectively promote an antigen-specific immune response.

Known mechanism of action: TLR2 signaling leads to the potent induction of interleukin-12 which promotes antigen-specific cytotoxic CD8+ T cell responses and stimulates natural killer cells.

Potent immune stimulation with favorable safety profile: TLR2 is highly expressed on antigen-presenting cells to target those cells and reduce risk of off-target side effects – generating a localized rather than systemic response.

Flexibility: SapVax’s proprietary adjuvants can be modified to increase/decrease TLR2 potency.

Vaccine Discovery Engine


SapVax’s series of novel adjuvants along with our validated and proprietary tools and assays form the basis of our proprietary vaccine discovery engine, to enable rapid generation of novel vaccines against any target of interest.

Our 4 Underlying Bases of Efficacy

  1. Potent Inducer of Antigen-Specific Cytotoxic T Cell Response

    Validated by: In vitro priming assays in human cells, anti-tumor efficacy in mouse tumor models, demonstration of TLR2 specificity

  2. Safe at Therapeutic Dose Levels

    Validated by: established MTD in several different mouse strains, non-clinical safety and GLP toxicology studies, in vitro evaluation of cytokine release in humans

  3. Stable and Reproducible Formulation

    Validated by: evaluation of supramolecular properties in formulation, favorable properties in formulation to support uptake to dendritic cells and transport to the lymph nodes

  4. Preferential Distribution to the Lymph Nodes

    Validated by: PK and biodistribution studies, bioanalytical evaluation of vaccine presence in draining lymph node