Our Technology

The SapVax technology is a platform for generating peptide-based, self-adjuvanting cancer vaccines developed by our scientific founders, Rod Dunbar, MBChB, PhD, and Margaret Brimble, PhD. The platform is based on a flexible synthetic method for covalently linking tumor antigens with an adjuvant, which enables the generation of vaccines targeting virtually any peptide tumor antigen.

SapVax vaccine constructs comprise synthetic long peptide (SLP) antigens linked to a TLR2 agonist, which serves as both vector for delivery of the antigen and adjuvant for the vaccine.  Co-presentation of tumor antigen and immune-stimulating adjuvant to antigen-presenting cells can stimulate the immune system to mount a targeted, tumor-killing response.  It is anticipated that SapVax vaccines will act synergistically with other immuno-oncology therapies, including newly-approved checkpoint inhibitors.

The SapVax chemistry platform is rapid, cost-effective, and highly flexible.  It can be applied to a nearly limitless number of tumor antigens.  SapVax has a pipeline of cancer vaccines in development with an initial focus on NY-ESO-1-positive tumors.

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Intellectual Property

Our technology is based on intellectual property exclusively licensed from University of Auckland, New Zealand.