vaccine discovery engine for generation of limitless number of new clinical candidates

vaccine discovery engine 9.png

SapVax’s series of novel adjuvants along with our validated and proprietary tools and assays forms the basis of our proprietary vaccine discovery engine to enable rapid generation of novel vaccines against any target of interest. Our vaccine discovery engine has the ability to rapidly generate patentable composition of matter to provide novel cancer treatments for various indications of high unmet need.

Our 4 Underlying Bases of Efficacy

  1. Potent inducer of antigen-specific CTL response

    Validated by: In vitro priming assays in human cells, anti-tumor efficacy in mouse tumor models, demonstration of TLR2 specificity

  2. Safe at Therapeutic Dose Levels

    Validated by: established MTD in several different mouse strains, non-clinical safety and GLP toxicology studies, in vitro evaluation of cytokine release in humans

  3. Stable and Reproducible Formulation

    Validated by: evaluation of supramolecular properties in formulation, favorable properties in formulation to support uptake to dendritic cells and transport to the lymph nodes

  4. Preferential Distribution to the Lymph Nodes

    Validated by: PK and biodistribution studies, bioanalytical evaluation of vaccine presence in draining lymph node